Petrol car Vs Diesel car- Difference and Comparison

Petrol car Vs Diesel car- Difference and Comparison

Petrol Car Vs Diesel Car

Petrol car Vs Diesel car

Are you planning to buy a car?

but confused which one to buy either Diesel or Petrol car? 

I would say don’t get confused because its simple to identify, it depends on our need and usage. 

In this article I have listed out all the key points about petrol car Vs diesel car that will help you to decide which one is better.

While buying a car, one of the key decisions one has to make is to decide between a Petrol & Diesel vehicle. 

While there is no simple answer for this debate, below are the following points can help you reach a decision.

Petrol car Vs Diesel car Difference and Comparison
Petrol Car Vs Diesel Car 3
Top 10 Difference and comparison of Petrol car Vs Diesel car.

1. Both are 4 stroke engines  intake, compression, power, and exhaust all are same in both the vehicles.

2. Petrol engine acts as Spark plug Diesel engine acts as a fuel injector.

3. Why diesel engine acts as a fuel injector because we directly use fuel to pass in engine then mix it got mix with air while combustion (burn).

4. Diesel engine has more vibrations than petrol.

5. One of the major difference is, petrol easily evaporates than diesel, Which means petrol mix with air and then get burn. Due to that you will have better speed in petrol car.

6. Petrol vehicles are light weight in comparison with diesel vehicles.

7. Diesel compression ration is more than petrol compression ration.

8. Cranking effort is more in Diesel Engine in comparison with petrol. (cranking effort means while overtaking it gives more power) with petrol engine you can have better speed than Diesel.

8. Petrol engine has operating speed of Petrol engine has operating speed of 3000RPM to 6000RPM while Diesel engine has 400(four hundred) RPM to 3500-RPM

9. Diesel is low running cost but initial cost is more. if your running is more then you can go for Diesel car but if you are using it occasionally then petrol is  better.

10. Petrol engine has less initial cost and maintenance and give more power.

Case study for which one is better petrol car or diesel car.
Case Study of Petrol Vs Diesel Car

Let us assume 6 lakhs to be the cost of a car XYZ model.

This is going to be as money saving tips as well so read it properly.

Considering a person would normally travel around 40 kilometers on an average to his workplace daily.

Cost of petrol = INR 62 per liter

Cost of diesel = INR 53 per liter Mileage of the petrol variant = 18 kmpl (max, generally we get max 15KMPL). 

Which mean that for a person travelling 40 kms per daily, he/she will need 2 liters of petrol or 1.7 liters of diesel. 

Current Cost for petrol per day = 72 * 2 = INR 144 

Cost of diesel per day = 63 * 1.7 = INR 107

Now lets calculate daily saving if for diesel car.

Daily Cost of petrol is INR 144 and Daily cost for diesel car is 107

so daily saving is 144 – 107 INR  = INR 37.

According to this if you go travel daily 40-kms you can save

Daily saving multiply by 25days

INR 37 * 25Days = INR 925 in a month.

And for a year, the total saving would be almost 925 *12 = INR 11,100.

Now the final conclusion is:

Now consider the extra amount you have to pay while buying the diesel variant, say
INR 1,20,000.

Your Payback period will be 120000 / 11,100 = 10.81 years. 

This would approximately mean 10 years and 8 months.

Now  you can think accordingly which variant is better for you.

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