Is Hitman Go Anything Like Pokemon Go?

Any game with the word “Go” in the title automatically makes people think of Pokemon Go. Does that mean that all games with the word follow the same game mechanics? Not necessarily. Hitman Go is very different from the Pokemon game. Using that word for the game title might have been a mistake for the game creators because the confusion makes people shy away from trying the game.

What is Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go was a phenomenon that had the world traveling all over the place to catch Pokemon on their phones and tablets. Players actually go somewhere in the real world to find Pokemon. The game requires some hefty device capabilities, such as hard drive space, Google Maps, and certain camera features. This made it impossible for a lot of people to play. Add in that anyone living in a rural place in the middle of nowhere would have trouble finding Pokemon. While the world loved the game, many people couldn’t enjoy it.

What is Hitman Go?

Hitman Go is a puzzle game based on the popular Hitman game series. It does not require cameras, Google Maps, or any fancy device capabilities. It has absolutely no similarity to Pokemon Go. Maybe the game creators wanted to bank on the hit Pokemon game and used Go in the title to entice players who would only be disappointed when they couldn’t walk the streets and find people to assassinate. Others who couldn’t play Pokemon Go avoided the game because they assumed they couldn’t play it either.

Despite the terrible naming, Hitman Go is worth downloading and playing. You just need to figure out what it’s all about by ignoring the name.

How Do You Play Hitman Go?

Hitman Go is a turned based strategy game. It looks and plays like a board game. All the characters and background in the game look like cardboard cutouts. Each level is a puzzle that the player must solve by navigating Agent 47 through the area either to reach an exit or destroy a target. He is an assassin, after all.

Each puzzle is a set up with a grid and players move the agent along the grid to different nodes. Whenever the agent makes a move so does the enemies on the board, too. Some enemies follow your moves while others follow a set movement pattern. Players must use their brains to figure out where to move the agent whole avoiding the enemies.

The game also has many different weapons players can use. The levels and puzzles get progressively harder with the player having to find keys to open locks and enter different areas.

See? Nothing like Pokemon Go. It is simply a strategy board game on a mobile device.

Hitman Go Game Mechanics

Hitman Go has very simple game mechanics that anyone can handle. You just tap and swipe where you want the agent to move on the grid. You then tap to choose and use weapons or other objects. The game mechanics aren’t what make the game difficult. The puzzles that require a good strategic mind are what make the game difficult to play.

Consoles and Devices for Hitman Go

Unlike Pokemon Go, Hitman Go is available on several different devices and consoles. You are not limited to a handheld device you have to carry with you as you play the game. Hitman Go is most popularly played on devices like phones and tablets. It is available for both Android and iOS devices. Do you have a Kindle Fire? You can play Hitman Go, too.

For home console fans, Hitman Go is also available for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita. The controls are slightly different in that you choose where to move the agent by using the directional buttons on the controller and then selecting the space with a certain button. Hitman Go is also on PC and can be downloaded on Steam. The PC controls also change a little and use the mouse to tap, hold, and glide to make the agent move to a specific spot on the grid.

Finally, Hitman Go is also available for VR. It doesn’t really translate well as a VR game since it is really just a board game so it’s only recommended to get the VR version if you already have a VR system. Don’t spend money on an expensive system just for this game. You are better off with the console or mobile versions instead.

Who Would Enjoy Playing Hitman Go?

Hitman Go is based on the game franchise but you don’t have to know those games to play and enjoy Hitman Go. The main character is the same from the games and some of the locations in the game are the same from the series. None of that matter though because Hitman Go is a puzzler without much of a story.

Anyone who loves strategy puzzle games will enjoy Hitman Go. It does have some violence because you are killing people, but it isn’t gratuitous violence so you won’t be grossed out from playing. If you’ve never played a strategy puzzle games but you enjoy puzzles then give Hitman Go a try. You might find you like this kind of puzzle and you can find other games on the market with similar strategy puzzle mechanics.

Is Hitman Go Safe for Children to Play?

The Hitman series is an adult game franchise so you might be worried about your children wanting to play Hitman Go. As mentioned above, the game does contain some mild violencebut nothing bloody or gory. If you are worried about your child enjoying killing people to much then give the game a try first before letting them play.

The problem with Hitman Go and children isn’t the violence so much as difficulty. Younger kids under 10 will struggle with the puzzle concept and trying to outmaneuver the enemy. However, the puzzles do provide good lessons and work kid’s brains. If they fiddle with the levels enough they might click on how it all works.

Hitman Go is nothing like Pokemon Go. Ignore the word “go” in these titles and give the game a try if you enjoy puzzles and strategy

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